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We positively welcome contact from the relatives of fallen men recorded on these pages who are able and prepared to provide us with photographs and additional information about their fallen ancestors. We are also happy to hear from relatives of fallen men whom we have ommitted to record in our work. If you help us with our work, then we will go out of our way to help you with your own research. It's that simple. We are also very happy to hear from individuals who are able to constructively point out any factual error or ommission. Please don't forget that we are military historians undertaking this work as a private tribute to the fallen men of both world wars. We derive no financial benefit from this project whatsoever, in fact we fund the work (and this website) from our own pockets. It is very likely we may make the occasional mistake.

This website is all about the fallen men and women of Kent period NOT our own ego's! Our names appear on the bottom of each page where appropriate to merely asert copyright ownership in accordance with English law and our international interlectual property rights and obligations. You will find no other reference to us personally nor will you find vain photographs or detailed biographies for any of us anywhere. We are very private individuals and have no interest in having our own names celebrated by all and sundry (unlike it must be said some odd people we come across). We ask that you respect our privacy by not requesting any further identifiable information from us.

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