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We don't dispute that there are thousands of decent people working for charities out of the purist, most altruistic reasons. But at the top, many are increasingly run by interchangable "identikit" "Charidee Professionals" who would equally be happy co-ordinating Haringey Council's Diversity Unit! The RSPCA, OXfam and Royal British Legion (to name a few), although providing a valuable service to many, often advertise in " The Guardian" newspaper for £100,000 + Chief Executives! Only recently it became known that the lucky person at the head of the Cats Protection League is earning £90,000 a year! Think of all those kind, well meaning (but ignorant) volunteers staffing their shops who donate their time completely free! Packages often include a fully expensed company car, private health insurance and a performance related bonus etc... They don't give a toss where the money comes from so long as they get a large wedge of it themselves. We find it rather disgusting that a bonus should ever be paid to charity workers in the first place. These large charities are run as huge business concerns where six figure salaries are the norm. For these reasons we stipulate that our work is only to be used by small charities who do not employ fulltime staff.

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